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We have some promotions, particularly on higher quality solar power systems – while stocks last

Most panels have 10, 12 or even 15 years warranty on the product and a 25 year warranty on performance. The important warranty is the product warranty. The performance warranty is virtually impossible to claim unless the panel has the same product warranty, eg 25 year product and 25 year performance. Otherwise, performance warranty is generally worth less than it costs you to successfully claim it. It’s also important to select panels from manufacturers that have a proven support capability in Australia.

6.66kW Quality Solar Power System with 18 x 370w Panels

Phono solar panels with 15 year product warranty and 25 year performance warranty at incredible pricing. A 15 year warranty is all that some people are looking for and we respect that. This system also includes a solar inverter with WIFI and 5+5 year warranty.

From $3,460

6.63kW Premium Quality Solar Power System

We have direct relationships with highly respected panel manufacturers that provide full 25 year or 30-year warranties. These warranties have a performance figure, but it is tied to the panel warranty. We have systems including 

  • Hyundai 390W panels with combined 25 year panel warranty (25 years on the panel and 25 years on performance) and inverter with 5+5 warranty start at under $4,300.
  • Solar inverter with WIFI and 5 + 5 year warranty

From $4,170

ALSO some higher quality solar power system options

  • SunPower P3 Panels – Available in 320W, 370W and 415W commercial (can be installed on residential), plus the new 475W commercial panel.
  • German Made Quality Panels – SOLAWATT glass on glass panels with 30 year panel warranty and 30 year performance warranty.  On sale until stocks last.
  • Performance Systems including SunPower Maxeon 3 Panels and choice of inverters including the future-proof Fronius GEN24 Hybrid inverter.

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