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Solarwatt solar power panels - Gold Coast, Tweed, Brisbane, Logan

SOLARWATT Solar Panels

Energy Efficient Glass on Glass Solar Power Panels Made in Germany

Introduction to SOLARWATT Solar Panels

SOLARWATT’s glass on glass (glass-glass) modules are long-lasting and extremely robust against environmental extremes. These qualities distinguish glass on glass modules from standard products:

  • ​Lightweight 2mm thick glass panes
  • Maximum yield reliability
  • Maximum mechanical strength
  • 100% protection against PID (potential induced degradation)
  • Maximum fire resistance
  • 30 year product warranty
  • 30 year linear performance warranty
  • Manufactured in Dresden Germany

More Information on SOLARWATT Solar Power Panels

SOLARWATT is the solar power market leader in glass on glass solar panels and one of the world’s largest and most advanced suppliers of battery storage.

All products are of the highest quality, Made In Germany and come with the best warranties in the industry.

The company was founded over 25 years ago in 1993 making it a true pioneer in the industry. The company employs over 350 staff worldwide and is headquartered in Dresden Germany. Importantly, SOLARWATT has a local office in Australia with experienced staff to assist local installers on hand for all sales and servicing needs. The company collaborates with international organisations such as BMW, Bosch and E.ON.

Stefan Quandt, who is also a majority shareholder of BMW, owns almost 100% of SOLARWATT. As a result, through close cooperation with BMWi, and utilising BMW’s many years of advanced manufacturing experience, SOLARWATT has one of the most automated and innovative solar power plants in the world. The entire production is carried out by advanced robotics that ensures the highest quality products.

The company has won many awards for innovative products including EUPD’s “Top Brand – PV” in 2015 and 2017, and has also taken out a German design award. SOLARWATT is also a two time winner of the prestigious EES award for battery storage systems, which is given at Europe’s largest trade expo for battery and energy storage systems.

SOLARWATT’s components and product ranges are carefully designed to work seamlessly together. As a result, a well-combined solar energy system will deliver the highest yield! SOLARWATT is the only German solar manufacturer that can do that.

Best SOLARWATT Installers - Gold Coast, Logan, Southern Brisbane, Redlands, Tweed

The experienced team at Central Solar Systems are renowned as specialists in the industry and local installers across the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Logan, Redlands and Tweed. We are here to provide residential and commercial properties with the best solar power solutions, including products from SunPower, SOLARWATT, Q CELLS, Hyundai, Fronius, ABB, Sungrow, Opal Switch, the best battery storage systems with products from SOLARWATT, BYD, Sungrow and LG Chem, all at the most affordable prices. Contact our office to find out more.

Central Solar Systems also provides residential and commercial customers with solar pool heating, heat pump pool heating, solar hot water and heat pump hot water solutions.

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