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Hyundai Heavy Industries High Performance Mono PERC Shingled Cell Solar Power Panels

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Hyundai Solar Overview

Recognised International Brand Name

Hyundai is one of the biggest consumer brand names in the world market and leaders in many industry sectors. Forbes rates Hyundai No.81 World’s Most Valuable Brand 2020. This gives you peace of mind for a high quality, high performing product manufactured by a diversified market leader.

A Leader In Manufacturing

Hyundai utilises superior production processes compared to standard solar power panel manufacturing. Hyundai’s unique ‘Material Lifetime Control System’s ensure Hyundai solar power panels perform in even the harshest, salt, desert or sunny regions – perfect for Australian conditions.

Hyundai makes every Hyundai solar power cell that goes into every Hyundai solar panel. This ensures a high level of quality control throughout the manufacturing process. Many common solar power panel failures are as a result of inferior quality materials. Hyundai failure rates are exceptionally low, which increases the security of your solar investment.

International testing labs VDE and UL have certified Hyundai to do a large proportion of quality assurance testing and test preparation in-house.

Hyundai Solar Power Panel Range

Hyundai manufactures solar power panels with high performance Mono PERC shingled cell technology.  The main classes are 390W and 400W.  An all black version is also available.

Hyundai solar power panels come with a 25 year panel warranty and 25 year performance warranty (84.8% of original power at year 25.

Hyundai Solar Panel Installers - Gold Coast, Logan, Brisbane, Tweed

The experienced team at Central Solar Systems are renowned as specialists in the industry and local installers across the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Logan, Redlands and Tweed. We are here to provide residential and commercial properties with the best solar power solutions, including products from SunPower, SOLARWATT, Q CELLS, Hyundai, Fronius, ABB, Sungrow, Opal Switch, the best battery storage systems with products from SOLARWATT, BYD, Sungrow and LG Chem, all at the most affordable prices. Contact our office to find out more.

Central Solar Systems also provides residential and commercial customers with solar pool heating, heat pump pool heating, solar hot water and heat pump hot water solutions.

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